Hotel slats – creating a comfortable space with character

14.06.2024 4 min

In the world of interior decoration, slats have become one of the most fashionable trends, combining modern design with functionality. Thanks to their versatility and elegance, they can radically change any room, giving it a unique character and style. It is therefore not surprising that hotel slats have also started to gain popularity and we see them more and more often in contemporary commercial interior designs.

Lamellas in the hall L0201 Mardom Decor painted in a shade of brown

We invite you to discover how arrangements with lamellas can improve the standard and functionality of hotel spaces. You will learn where it is best to use decorative slats to ensure a fashionable design and create a coherent arrangement. Finally, we will present practical tips that will help you create an unforgettable experience in your guest room.

How to use wall slats to create modern and cozy hotel interiors?

The slats are perfect for adding variety to hotel rooms. Vertical lines in the slats will emphasize the neat minimalism of the usable space, and properly matched in terms of color and structure will also fit perfectly into other, much richer or more modern arrangements. Thanks to this, they will easily emphasize the decor of the room, additionally having a positive impact on functionality thanks to their acoustic properties.

Vertical wooden slats in the conference room

Wall slats can also be used as a hall decoration. These modern panels fit perfectly into modern design trends. Installing slats in a hotel lobby not only improves the aesthetics of the space, but also increases their functionality. Warm, wooden decors will visually warm up the often cold and austere space, and an additional layer will protect the walls.

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In conference rooms, wall slats have both an aesthetic and practical function. Thanks to their structure and three-dimensional form, they help reduce noise, which is crucial during meetings and presentations. They add modernity to conference rooms, create a professional and stylish work environment – who said that a workplace has to be gray and brown to be professional?

In hotel dining rooms and restaurants, the use of wall slats can significantly improve the standard of the interior. Installing lamellas on the wall in these rooms creates a cozy atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and enjoyment of meals. Slats can be used to separate zones in large restaurant spaces, which increases the comfort and privacy of guests. Thanks to the wood structure, the interior takes on a warm and natural look, which positively affects the overall aesthetic experience.

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White Mardom Decor L0101 slats in a bedroom arrangement

The first impression is crucial, and the modern slats on the reception wall will certainly attract guests’ attention. When used behind the reception desk, it will create an attractive background that will attract the attention of all guests and emphasize the prestige of the hotel, adding sophistication and elegance to it.

Arrangements with lamellas: Increasing the standard and functionality of hotel spaces

Lamellas have a huge impact on the appearance of the interior, improving its aesthetics and adding modernity. Thanks to their versatility, they can be adapted to various interior styles:

  • White slats – Thanks to their minimalist form and simple colors, white slats are perfect for elegant, classic arrangements. White Mardom Decor slats with a Premium finish from Mardom Decor give the interior a subtle glow and are easy to keep clean. High-quality SupremeSatin® varnish gives the surface a snow-white finish in the shade of RAL9003 with a satin surface.
  • Colorful slats – They fit perfectly into modern interiors, but not only that. Bright, intense colors go perfectly with modern styles, black slats fit perfectly into loft arrangements, and golden accents can enrich art deco or glamorous interiors. Mardom Decor white slats, covered with a matte primer, can be painted in any color, which gives unlimited arrangement possibilities and the ability to adjust the color according to your needs and expectations.
  • Wooden slats – A classic choice that will work well in any interior. Natural oak adds elegance and warmth to the space, so it can be used to easily break up visually too cold interiors, e.g. industrial ones, or emphasize the natural character of interiors, e.g. cottages. Vertical wooden slats from Mardom Decor have an ultra-realistic structure and natural decors created using embossing and pressed lamination technology, which allows them to faithfully imitate the grain, lines and natural structures of wood.

Lamellas not only improve the aesthetics of the interior, but also increase its functionality:

  • Vertical lines – Vertical slats are minimalist and modern. Expressive but not chaotic. When installed vertically, they slim and raise the room, making it visually appear larger and more spacious.
  • Acoustic properties – Thanks to their three-dimensional form, the slats break up sound waves, improving the acoustics of the room. They help quiet the interior and eliminate echo and reverberation, which is especially important in places such as conference rooms or hotel rooms.
  • Wall protection – slats perfectly protect walls against mechanical damage, such as vacuum cleaner scratches, kicks or spilled drinks. Those from Mardom Decor are made of high-quality extruded PolyForce polystyrene and have ScratchShield® technology, which protects and hardens the material. Mechanical damage is not a problem for them, so they not only effectively protect the walls, but also maintain their perfect appearance for many years of use. Thanks to this, hotel interiors look impeccable, which is crucial in such intensively used spaces.

The use of lamellas in hotel interior design allows you to create modern, elegant and functional interiors. A wide selection allows you to match the finish and color of the slats to almost any room. Such decorations, matched to the interior style, will certainly be appreciated by guests.

Where to use decorative lamellas in the arrangement of hotel space?

Wall slats are just a name, they will work great when mounted on any flat (clean and dry) surface. Regardless of whether we install them on walls, ceilings or furniture, slats introduce unique design and functionality to hotel spaces.

Hotel rooms

  • In dining or kitchen spaces – in order to separate a given area in a hotel room, they create a visual division of space between the bedroom and, for example, the kitchen.
  • Above the bed as a modern frame – a stylish accent that creates an eye-catching frame.
  • Wall decoration – they can be mounted only on a selected part of the wall, alone or together with stucco, posters or other decorations, adding style and depth to the interior.

Conference rooms

  • Along the entire height and length of the wall – it can be used as a decorative and soundproofing element in the room, improving its acoustics. They can also be used as a background for a TV wall or projector, creating a professional and stylish working environment.

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  • Along the entire length of the room – they provide great protection against wall damage. When installed at full height, they can overwhelm the room, especially in narrow and long halls. A better solution is to use lamellas at the height of 1/3 of the wall, similar to wainscoting, only in a much more modern and stylish form.
  • On the ceiling – wall slats are a timeless wall or ceiling decoration. They can be successfully mounted on the ceiling, creating an interesting structure in the upper part of the room. The slats can be combined with regular halogen lamps or LED strips, using dedicated LED profiles that enable trouble-free installation along vertical slats.


    • On furniture – they add elegance and a modern look to reception counters and other furniture elements.
    • As a background for displaying the company logo – they will perfectly emphasize the professionalism and elegance of the reception, creating a coherent and attractive decor.

    Thanks to its versatility and aesthetics, decorative lameles are perfect for arranging various hotel spaces, increasing their standard and functionality.

    Hotel slats: Practical tips for creating unforgettable guest experiences

    Ensure consistency of color and interior design by choosing wall slats made of materials that harmonize with the rest of the hotel arrangement. By choosing wall slats that match the interior style, you will ensure an aesthetic and professional presentation of the space that will catch the attention of guests and emphasize the elegance of the entire facility.

    Remember that too much of anything is not healthy. The slats look beautiful across the entire width and height of the wall, but in some rooms it is worth using them only as an accent. You can use slats in spots on a selected wall, as furniture fronts or as a single strip of slats extending from the wall to the ceiling. This treatment will add character and unique style to the interior, without overwhelming it.

    Choose high-quality materials. Products used in hotels must be durable and resistant to intensive use. Wall lamellas made of durable materials, resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation and water, will ensure a long-lasting effect without the need for annual renovation. By choosing durable slats, you can be sure that the hotel interior will look great for many years.

    If you want to quickly refresh your interior and add character to it, choose products that are quick to install. Mardom Decor slats are actually wall panels in a classic form that can be mounted to the surface in one piece. Installing slats does not require specialized skills, which allows for a quick and effective interior transformation. All you need to install the slats is high-quality glue. Thanks to this, you will quickly achieve an elegant and modern look of the hotel that will delight every guest.

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