Decorative corner sofa – how to choose for different interior styles?

18.06.2024 5 min

A decorative corner is known as decor mounted in the corner of a frame made of stucco strips. Once richly decorated, it significantly influenced the final appearance of the arrangement, adding elegance to it. Nowadays, however, it has lost its popularity, and in our opinion, completely unjustly.

Wall corner MD318-10 Mardom Decor combined with decorative wall strip MD318 White wall arrangement using a decorative corner

Decorative corners undoubtedly make the room unique. Modern models are available in various versions, so you can easily match their dimensions and shape to the appearance and style of the interior. In addition, decorative corners are not only used to decorate walls, they are also functional interior elements.

Decorative wall corners as a functional and aesthetic element

Decorative corner sofas are a solution that combines decorative elements and functionality. it not only highlights the aesthetics of the interior, but also a practical solution for protecting walls. The choice of appropriate decorative elements depends largely on our individual needs and the style we want to give to our room. Thanks to the wide range of available products, they can be easily adapted to various arrangements, whether classic, modern or eclectic. These interior decoration elements are not only practical, but also constitute an important detail that influences the overall appearance of the room. Decorative corners can be used on the wall, ceiling or furniture in combination with matching strips, creating a harmonious whole.

MDD332-11 corner sofa with a dedicated MD332 Mardom Decor strip in a classic arrangement using decorative wall and ceiling strips

Decorative corners

Corners are decorative elements used as an addition to stucco screens. They are mounted at the joint of the strips, constituting a small but expressive decorative element. However, decoration is not their only function. Decorative corners create aesthetic and smooth transitions at the joints between the strips, significantly speeding up the installation process because they eliminate the need to cut wall profiles at an angle of 45 degrees and then mask the joints. This solution isn’t essential, but it’s definitely worth considering.

The use of decorative corners allows you to select decorative elements that are most consistent with the style of the room – various patterns, shapes and types of decorations are available. Thanks to this, you can easily adjust the corner sofas to the selected arrangement, which makes them not only practical, but also very decorative elements.

Wall corner – corner strip

Corner strips are intended for vertical installation, most often along wall corners at an angle of 45 degrees. Their main function is to protect wall corners against mechanical damage, such as impacts from a vacuum cleaner or abrasions. We most often find traditional angles in this role, but dedicated stucco strips (wall corners) will also work perfectly, as they will not only effectively protect the wall, but will also become an aesthetic decorative element of the interior.

Corner strips can take the form of a simple, minimalist strip or a more decorative form, which allows them to be adapted to the architecture of a given room. These wall decorations will be perfect for any arrangement, adding elegance and character to the interior.

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The importance of decorative corners in interior design

Decorative corners can definitely help emphasize a given interior style, adding cohesion to the room and enriching the architecture of the space. Regardless of the style in which the room is decorated, well-chosen corner sofas can subtly but effectively add elegance, modernity or sophistication to the interior, complementing the entire arrangement.

As decorative elements, decorative corners are details that, although small, can make a huge impression. These small accents often create a “wow” effect in the room, attracting the attention of all guests. These are details that make interiors look more thoughtful and refined.

Vertical corners mounted on wall corners are an excellent solution, not only aesthetic, but also as a masking element and practical surface protection. Corner strips cover any gaps, unevenness or installation errors, while providing an aesthetic wall decoration. When choosing corner sofas, it is worth paying attention to their durability. They must be resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches and impacts. Mardom Decor strips are made of high-density duropolymer, which makes them resistant to damage and resistant to water and UV radiation. Thanks to the innovative ScratchShield® technology, the surface of the strips is additionally hardened, increasing their resistance to intensive use, which makes them an ideal choice for any interior.

Trends and news in the world of decorative corners

In the past, decorative and ornamental corner sofas were a standard in interior design, but fashion is changing, as are the needs of users. Nowadays, stucco and interior decoration elements adapt to new trends that focus on more subtle and modern solutions. So what is fashionable in 2024?

Current trends focus on curves, curves and organic shapes. The minimalist form dominates, and the decorative corners gain delicate, flowing lines that add subtlety to the interior. Soft transitions and curves make rooms more friendly and comfortable. Simple but effective solutions fit perfectly into modern arrangements.

Earthy colors, beige, whitened colors, sage and apricot are the color palette that dominates in 2024. According to Pantone, the color of the year is Peach Fuzz number 13-1023, which brings warmth and coziness to interiors. Additionally, accents such as terracotta, cobalt and indigo are fashionable. Mardom Decor stucco, available in a basic white version, is covered with a matte primer, which allows it to be painted in any color. Thanks to this, you can perfectly match the decorative corners to the color of e.g. walls, creating coherent and stylish arrangements.


The paint color you choose should be water-based.

How to match decorative corners to the overall appearance of the room and its style?

Matching decorative corner sofas to the overall appearance of the room depends on the way the interior is finished, the style it refers to, the dominant elements and the effect we want to achieve. Glossy fronts and marble surfaces suggest elegant interiors in a glamorous or French style. The combination of white and blue, wide, comfortable armchairs and crystal accessories are the characteristic features of the Hamptons style. However, simple wooden furniture, minimalism and posters on the walls are typical elements of the modern style.

MD011-10 MardomDecor corner sofa combined with a dedicated MD011 strip

In a modern style, stucco corners and strips should have simple, minimalist forms. Geometric shapes and smooth surfaces without unnecessary decorations will work best. Such details will bring elegant simplicity to the interior and will harmonize harmoniously with modern furniture.

Glamorous and French styles require more decorative and refined elements. Glamorous corners and strips should have rich ornaments, subtle decorations and elegant shapes. Delicate arches, acanthus and other plant motifs perfectly reflect the luxurious character of these interiors. This type of details add sophistication to the rooms and emphasize their elegant finish.

The Hamptons style values ​​subtlety and lightness. Corners and strips should refer to the maritime atmosphere and casual luxury of this style. Delicate ornaments, gently rounded shapes and simplicity are ideal here. Motifs inspired by nature, such as delicate waves or floral patterns, can bring freshness and elegance, while maintaining the ease typical of the Hamptons style.

Corner sofa – wall decoration for any interior – summary

Decorative corner sofas can significantly emphasize the aesthetics of the interior, combining decorative elements with functionality. They are not only a decoration, but also a practical protective solution for walls. Thanks to a wide selection of models, they can be adapted to various arrangement styles, from classic to modern.

In the modern style, corner sofas with simple, minimalist forms are best, while the glamor and French styles require rich ornaments and sophisticated decorations. The Hamptons style values ​​subtle, natural motifs and gently rounded shapes that will bring freshness and elegance to the interior.

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